school-based mental health programming

Resilience Is A Skill Your Students (And Teachers) Can Learn— Becoming One Another’s Biggest Advocates In The Process.

I’ll teach your students how to rise when life gets tough.

you teach the math, science & history

Relationship-based, in-person programming that equips secondary school students (and their teachers) to build emotional resilience, nurture healthy relationships, take responsibility for their choices, and succeed in all of life.

Welcome to bobby jones speaks

They need someone who will listen to them— then empathize, challenge them, and help them grow. This practice takes some serious emotional bandwidth. 

And honestly, it’s outside the scope of your teachers’ job descriptions. That’s why I’ve spent the past decade developing proven, interactive, in-school programming to support the students you serve.

Students need a place they can talk with a person they can trust. 

Secondary school students are often in a state of emotional chaos. But there’s not enough mental health care to go around. Plus, that’s not what every teen needs. 


students and staff impacted by my assemblies

2 hours

per month dedicated to one-on-one meetings with each of 30-40 students in your school, giving them a safe place to talk about friendship, family, school, & life 


schools getting my full focus in the Peer Purpose Mentorship Program each year


times I’ve been impressed by the strength and potential of this young generation

  • Develop the skills for emotional resilience in everyday life and times of crisis

  • Assess their own decision-making so they can be proud of their choices

  • Impact their school culture with positivity, empathy, & openness

I’ll help your students and staff…

My life’s work is about starting the conversation. From there, I teach students how to build trust and connection with others who share their values—not people who will derail them.  

If your students aren’t building trust with the right people, they’re building it with the wrong people.

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Emotional health has a practical impact on students’ attendance, test scores, and graduation rates, which (I don’t need to tell you this), in turn, affect their long-term quality of life.


Some students need more in-depth, one-on-one conversations to work through their past wounds and present circumstances. I dedicate time to meet with these students individually during the school day.


Your students have the potential to become each other’s greatest advocates and supporters. In my peer connection small groups, they open up in a way most educators don’t get to see in bigger classrooms.  


We start with stories.

I share my own, students share theirs, and we all commit to a future narrative built on 
compassion, emotional healing, internal validation, and pursuing goals.

Then, my Peer Purpose Mentorship Program curriculum teaches
practical skills in small-group settings:

Next, we break out your students into small groups based on their year—and we get real. I teach one of our signature 6-week Peer Purpose Mentorship Program units each semester, diving into practical skills around emotional awareness and healthy (platonic) relationships, plus other topics based on what your students need (for example, overcoming destructive mindsets). Finally, I meet with students one-on-one to work through issues and help them further develop their skills.

Mentorship Program


Whether I’m in your school for three days or three years, I make sure to spend time getting to know your culture, needs, and obstacles. Then, I deliver a comprehensive report with an analysis of your level of risk and recommendations for continued growth. For schools that are continuing into the Peer Purpose Mentorship Program, I’ll then map out the curriculum based on the most pressing needs. Depending on what you’re looking for, I’ll focus my work on students, teachers/staff, or both.

Culture Assessments


Kids are humans, and humans connect with stories. So I always start by sharing mine. It took a lot of work to heal from some of the decisions I made as a teen and young adult. In my talks, I’m honest about that. This transparency opens the doors for real talk among your students and staff. It also earns me rapport with students … and opportunities for the heart conversations down the road. 



A clear path to personal well-being.

My story typically draws students in, either because it sounds like their own, or because my honesty piques their attention. While we begin by focusing on my past, we quickly work our way to real-life skills for their future.

Meet Bobby

I’ll help your teachers navigate their own mental health needs, too— because they have a lot on their minds, and so do you.

I’m here to support your mission to uplift and equip your students for long, happy lives.

To do that, I offer proven in-school, relationship-driven mental health programming  that helps teens build emotional resiliency, responsibility, and self-confidence.

Hi there! I’m Bobby.

You’re already doing the hard work.

Whether you want a one-off assembly, a Face-to-Face Culture Assessment, professional development for your staff, or the full program, I have an option for you. 

Work with BJS

School Successes

Mike | K-12 Principal, Peetz Plateau School District 

"Bobby gave our students a skill set and a mindset. 

We’re fortunate because it’s had an absolute ripple effect—
we have changed the hearts and the minds of everybody 
who has been part of it, and we’re continuing that tradition. 
What started out as a snowball is now an avalanche effect."

Bobby helped change the heartbeat of our students, and their willingness and ability to navigate life. 


The Peer Purpose Podcast

Want to share info with a school board member or parent? Curious about what I teach? Get a sampling of the principles that drive this work on the Peer Purpose Podcast.

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